Reversed Siddhartha


RS is a repository of (unofficial) dharma e-books (and more..).

They were created using markdown/pandoc/calibre and were uploaded on this github page.

Below you will find a list with links to the relevant github repositories.

There, you can download these e-books in epub/mobi/azw3 (and some of them in pdf) and read them on your e-book (preferably e-ink) device.



Sayadaw U Tejaniya’s Teachings (Burmese Theravada)






Soto Zen



Mahasi Vipassana (Noting) (Burmese Theravada)

The following links go to a sister-website, (MVMR):

These e-books can also be found on the github repository of MVMR.



Pragmatic Dharma






Self Inquiry (Advaita Vedanta)