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This is just a short practice-oriented guide, aimed to assist beginners in meditation.

Instructions for beginners

Here, you will get a compressed file that includes instructions in pdf for the following meditation techniques:


Are you a complete beginner?

If you don’t have any idea what these methods are all about but you ’re curious to try, just start with “mindfulness of breath”.

In addition to the instructions given above, you can also do some breath counting (from 1 to 10 and back), as Shargrol suggests on the following text:

Awareness and counting of breath is a great practice. For what it’s worth, a good, practical combination is:

  1. Awareness of breathing as the meditation object
  2. Counting of breath as the meditation method
  3. When the count is realized to be lost, “note” what is currently in the mind. What did you wake up to? Sensations, emotions, or thoughts in mind? Note what is currently in mind. e.g. “planning thought”, “discomfort”, “frustration”, “pleasure”, etc.
  4. Give yourself a mini congratulations that you woke up from distraction. Yea!!
  5. Find the breathing sensations again
  6. Count the breath again

The whole point of this method is to learn (over time!) how to gently center the mind around awareness of the breath and to sensitize the mind to “waking up” from distraction. Of course the mind has a mind of its own, so to speak, so you don’t force this to happen. You’re more like a parent watching a toddler learn to walk. The mind “learns to walk” on its own. And if you rush it or get angry or frustrated, you’re just freaking out the baby! Although this sounds like a simple practice, it puts you directly in touch with mindfulness and it greatly increases awareness – don’t underestimate it!

In addition to the above instructions, you can also try these short guided meditations.


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