Reversed Siddhartha


Practice Instructions

This is just a short practice-oriented section, aimed to assist “beginners” in “meditation”.

By the way - in actuality - “beginner” is only a word, a label. Such concepts are part of the “problem”. They are part of what brought the psychological ego/self here to look for “help”, “relief”, etc.

“Meditation”, is also yet another label. It’s a concept one shouldn’t take seriously. If you feel like meditating it’s fine. If you don’t it’s fine too.

Below, you will get instructions in pdf for the following practices:

In addition to the above, you can also try these short (audio) guided meditations.


OnThatPath’s Meditation Framework

For more information, visit this link.



“Non-duality” - similarly to other words used above - means nothing special. Actually, this term is only useful in order to categorize books, videos etc., and this is how it’s used on this website.

Suggested Books


Darryl Bailey

Darryl Bailey is one of the clearest and to the point “non-dual” teachers I have found so far.

If you are interested in radical non-duality but you find Tony Parsons, Jim Newman, etc. confusing, then Bailey is for you.

Apart from his books that are suggested on the list above, you can watch/listen to the following material:


John Wheeler

This is a link to the section about John Wheeler. It includes almost all the text/audio/video material that can be found online.

This collection was heavily inspired by The Natural State.


Pragmatic Dharma

Here, was a Pragmatic Dharma section that has now moved to a dedicated page.